Superitum is a solutions provider with a wide range of expert services designed to fulfill the specific needs of our clients. Our focus include, among other things, the design and development of internal business systems, customized software solutions and integration of multiple products. With rich and diverse experience in providing software development and project management we can develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors.

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Our goal is to provide pragmatic IT solutions, at a very competitive price, that help your business run efficiently in the competitive marketplace.


We provide implementation, development, and maintenance of information technology solutions for businesses based on the Microsoft platform. Our experience ranges from simple database manipulation tools to complex business systems applications

One of our strongest sides is custom programming and integration. We build custom solutions tailored to almost every unique business model and can integrate a wide range of different applications.


We have extensive experience in development of complex database-driven applications and the integration of different applications into one solution, such as: Prison Administration Management systems, Financial Management and Reporting systems, Timesheet systems, Business administration and project costing systems, Biometrics (fingerprint) solutions, Imaging, Time and Attendance systems, Elections (voter registration, integration with Scanner, OMR- and Biometric verification system), Unemployment Insurance Fund system, Weekly Payment system for 10 000 temporary workers, Complaints Management system, Geographical Capturing with Numeric Consistency Checking system, logistical and sales distribution system, a system to do XML up- and downloads to FTP sites and handle an e-mail communications methodology, a Risk management system, invoice tracking system, and various management and administration systems.


Superitum’s approach to application development is based upon a combination of industry best practices, tailored per solution, including:

• Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)
• Unified Modeling Language (UML)
• Iterative and incremental development
• Fully Object Oriented Designs
• Extreme Programming (XP) methodology

These approaches ensure that Superitum can manage and maintain projects effectively, develop quality software, mitigate risks, and deliver software on time and within budget.