Risk Management System (RisiCare)

The main objective of the RDM system is to enable its user(s) to record all risks identified, the risk analysis and risk prioritization under the Risk assessment processes, do scenario planning, and record the preventative/mitigation, reduction, transferral and contingency activities per identified risk, the risk monitoring and the Risk control processes. It will also enable the user(s) to monitor progress for each identified activity. The system will produce Risk reports, mitigation action lists, contingency plans and progress reports
  • Identified risks will be recorded in the system against pre-defined objectives and/or projects. Attributes that will be recorded at this stage will include risk name, description of the risk, date raised, raised by, identified by doing what (like with a brainstorming session), high-level effects of the risk, parties involved, etc. These risks can be printed on the Risk Register.
  • The risks are then accessed and its severity and probability are recorded. The reasoning, calculations and rationale for the classifications can also be recorded.  Priority risk reports can be produced.
  • Mitigation steps are identified and recorded that will minimise the risk consequences from happening and contingency plans are recorded for in case the risk does happen.  Complete Risk reports and Risk Management Plans can be produced per risk or group of risks. 
  • The system will allow for risk monitoring and tracking. The progress of the planned risk mitigations steps is monitored. Risk perceptions can be revisited periodically and new perceptions can be recorded. Actions identified for mitigation, preparation steps for contingency plans and actions during execution of the contingency plans can also be monitored. Identified triggers of risks can also be monitored.
  • Attendance reports
    Various reports were written to report on the attendance of the employees. The data can also be exported to a CSV file.

A graphical/hierarchical/report-like interface will accompany the system, which will maximize the system’s ease of use, as well as capitalize on the user’s understanding of the core concepts and goals of the system, and the methodology that it represents.

The system is aimed at large and medium size organisations, but can also be used by individuals. The system will be available from July 2004 on the Microsoft platform.


ASP.Net MS SQL Server Database

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